Thursday, January 7, 2010


Sorry for the long break with out an update. Shawn here, I know this is one of your goto blogs each week and we are going to try and keep it more up to date. Here is what you missed (backwards).

We went to see the lights at Temple Square with our good buddies the Vellingas. We took Trax so we didn't have to deal with parking. The kids loved it!

I love this picture of Lindsie.

Jos, Owen, and Aleeya
Shawn, Aleeya, Owen, Lindsie, Leesa, Jos, Tony.

We spent Christmas at my parents this year. We slept over then opened presents in the morning. We, of course, were spoiled.

Owen was so enthused Christmas morning.

At least Mom was!

Pappa and Shadow
Owen and Grandma
Thanksgiving 2009
We went to Arizona and had a blast. We always love going down there and spending time with the Young family. We always have so many great moments and laugh a lot. No pictures because we forgot our camera (lame). Here are some from the month of November.
I made a turkey.

We were creative with our costume ideas this year for lack of dough. We love this time of year.
Owen was a skeleton.
Linds was a Vampyre.

I was Hobo Robin.
Our pumpkins.
Owen is TOUGH!


Bear and Stephy said...

I seriously can not stand how cute that boy is. I love how he cheeses it for the camera. Oh i miss him so much.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you posting Shawn! Lets see more of that.

Luv and miss you guys!


Tiffany said...

LIndz, when do I get to meet your little man in person?! It seems like when you come to town I am always out of town! Would love to see you guys next time you are here.

Shawners said...

Thanks Whit! Linds is busy working so this is now my job. I am going to try and post once a week since Owen is growing so fast.

Tiffany - Stay in town next time we come, Owen wants to meet you.

Enos Heinzen said...

I like how Lucas and Owen have the same skeleton sweats. I makes me feel closer to you. :)

Erica said...

Yeah finally thank you shawn!!!