Saturday, April 25, 2009

Owen laughing

I finally figured out how to put the video's from our camera on here. So here is a little video of Owen this morning laughing with Dad.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well, Owen turned 8 months old this month and I can't believe it. He is growing up so fast. Here are a few pictures of the little monster.

I love that he is feeding himself his bottle.
A few things that I love about my son: He goes to sleep soooo easily. I put him down and he does the rest. I love when friends are over when it is his bedtime and I go to put Owen down and come out in 30 seconds. They always say, "That's it?". It is one of my favorite things. He then will sleep through us playing games like RockBand, with the singing and all. He is a pretty good sleeper, although lately he has been taking only two half hour naps during the day and I am not so fond of that one. Hopefully it is a phase.
I also love how he is not crawling yet. He will flop onto his stomach but won't get far at all. I am totally ok with waiting for the mobile phase. Another thing I love is how much he talks ... well babbles I guess. He is very vocal and his laugh could melt me. He has been so much fun lately and I couldn't love him any more.