Saturday, August 16, 2008

Say hi to Shawn Owen Bird!!!

Well after 36 hours of labor we finally got to meet little Shawn Owen Bird. The labor was long and painful but oh so worth it after seeing the beautiful little baby boy. We are all doing well and Owen is being just a great little baby. He can't wait to meet everyone that he hasn't already. I am so thankful that my mom and sisters were able to make it and my mom has been a lifesaver staying with us these past couple of days. I couldn't thank her enough for helping us get used to this parenting thing.

I just couldn't resist this one, isn't that adorable.

If you can't see it, he weighed 7lbs 4oz.
Doing what he does best.
One of the only times he has been awake lately.

This was on the way to the hospital.