Friday, January 30, 2009

Update time

Well, since my last post Owen has gotten cuter, Shawn still has not been paid, Owen got sick for the first time, the Cardinals are going to the SuperBowl, and Owen and Shadow became friends. January has been a crazy month for us but we are hanging in there. Here are a few pictures to update everyone on our little family.

Erica gave Owen this adorable little surfer shirt. So I thought she would like to see how it looks. And it is cute.

Getting ready for a bath.

He loves to cross his legs like this. When we had our ultrasound of him, he was doing this same thing in my tummy. He is just chillin on the couch.

Poor little sick Owen. We all got a bad cold this past week. I am pleased to say we are all doing a lot better.

Even when he is sick he is happy.

This was us watching the inaguration of President Obama. He was very happy if you can't tell.

Shawn scared him super bad, and this was the shot I got.

Owen tried solid food. As you can tell he didn't like it too much. This was the one and only time we tried. I think we will wait just a bit longer to start him fully on solids.

Well, I know every parent goes through this at least once. Shawn was holding Owen and he said "Oh I think he is filling his pants". Little did we know it was running out of them as well. Shawn got up and brought him to his room and there was a little trail of baby poop the whole way. I should have taken a picture of Shawns pants because there was quite a bit on him as well.

You can't really tell here but he has leaked out his diaper.

These two are so cute together. Just recently Owen has become aware of Shadow and has started pulling at him. Shadow is so good with him, he just lets him pull his hair and then just licks him to death. They will be best buddies.

My two favorite guys in the whole world.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Christmas that was 2008 and the 5 month Owen.

Happy Holidays a bit late from the Birds. We had a great time down in Arizona during Christmas. It went by way to fast and I wish we could go down and visit more often. We love it there. We had tons of fun just hanging out with the family and playing games. It was great to see my friends too. We got to spend the day visiting old friends and I got to show Shawn the house I grew up in. That was quite wierd to walk through that house since I had so many memories there. I am glad that Shawn got to see it though. I loved seeing my other parents too, the Gunnells, Evans, and Hansens. I love them tons so it was great to be able to visit them and have them meet Owen too. Thanks for the fun times everyone and I hope we get to see you again really soon.

Christmas Eve 2008. At least Tanner and Avery have a smile on their faces, even if it thier crazy smiles.
I love Mckenna and Owen in this picture. She is getting so old, she was just like a little mother holding Owen.

Cousins!! I love having baby Emerson so close in age to Owen. Friends for life.

Shawn took this super close up. The sun was quite bright in Arizona. Owen isn't used to this much sun living in Utah.

Owen in Emerson's crazy hat.

Owen in the pimp hat that Joey made for our craft game. (Good job Erica, that was a lot of fun. Sorry you were not able to make your craft. We loved your game ideas though. You are the best.)

Me and the girls at the Gunnell's. Thier house looks exactly the same it did when we were kids. I loved that. And Lamoine ran home for a bit to say hi. I love the Gunnell's.

Owen with Camber and Joey. He misses you guys.

Owen and Aunt Camber.

Awwww, this picture is too cute. We miss you mom and dad. Love you tons.

He found his thumb. He doesn't really suck on it though. He more or less chews his thumb. We will see if that changes.

This little monkey outfit was one of my favorites of his before he was born. And Grandma Bird gave him these little monkey slippers that went perfectly with it.

It looks like he is pointing his toe. Maybe he will be a little dancer?

Happy 5 month old birthday Owen. You are too cute and I love how mello you are. You make me smile everyday even when I am grumpy. Dad laughs at me because when you wake up in the middle of the night I sometimes get a little grumpy, but then when I go in and see you smile at me, I can't help but be in a good mood. I love that about you.

This face kills me. You have such a funny personality. I love you so much.