Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Family Photos!!

So we got our first family picture taken. Of course we decide to do it on the first weekend it snows and is freezing outside, so most of them were taken in the house. My friend Shannon took them for us and we had a lot of fun doing them.

Here is Owen getting ready for Halloween. We love Halloween around here. It is our favorite.

His first time on a skateboard and I am quite sure it won't be his last.

He doesn't like tummy time too much if you couldn't tell.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Disneyland 2008

So we just got back from Disneyland with my family and it was such a blast. It was so great to see my entire family and have them all meet Owen. As you can see, he has grown a ton and has started smiling ton. Here are a few pictures of him from the past month or so.

The scrunch-smile face. I love it.

He loved Disneyland and was obviously very tired in that picture. He was actually really good and let us all enjoy being with him and getting to go on rides. He got to ride Pirates of the Carribbean, the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted House (which is my favorite), and a couple of he little kids rides. He had a great time.

Grandpa finally got to meet his little grandson and what a cute sight. And little Emerson and Owen look so cute with eachother. They are going to be great friends I can already tell. I love how close in age they are together.

Thanks mom and dad for the great trip and we can't wait to see you on Christmas. We love you so much.