Friday, April 2, 2010

Sometimes I will just say things...

Hey kids, we are back (though we never left in the first place)

First off I didn't get that job. It was another case of poor management wanting to spend a little and expecting to get a lot out of it.

Second I would like to say a few things on this "Obamacare"

I hate politicians. I don’t trust them. If that is all you want to hear skip to the pictures.

There has been a lot of name calling lately towards Lindsie and me, names like: Liberal and Democrat. We do not belong to any party because we strongly oppose partisan politics; we always have and always will. Not because it is the cool thing to do, but because partisan politics are ruining this country. Just because we support the idea and the passing of Universal Health Care does not categorize us as anything but American. We want what is best for the country and its people and one thing is health care for all.

I really feel like conservatives, democrats, republicans, and liberals that oppose this health care only care for themselves. Sure, it is not yet perfect, but if you have any faith in your country being the best country then you know we can work through this and make it better. We aren’t Canada and we aren’t Europe so quit comparing! I mean who doesn’t think we all deserve the best in equal amounts. Just because a crack whore has a baby that doesn’t mean that baby should be punished for the crack whores choices. That baby deserves a good life as much as the rest of us that were born to parents who didn’t do crack or whores.

Who cares how much it will cost, our country is famous for spending money they don’t have to improve the country or what not, we always fight to make it right and we always survive. Who cares if some greedy person doesn’t want to go to medical school so that they can be filthy rich? Maybe people will go to medical school because they really want to help people, sort of like teachers who get paid crap, but still does it because they love teaching and helping kids grow. When did the American dream become “Get rich or be considered worthless”?

What pisses me off is the hypocrisy of the right wing. During the Bush administration they all told me to stand by Bush, because he was my president. But now that a non republican is in office they all say don’t support the president. Now don’t get me wrong, I really like it when people oppose the president as long as it’s consistent and not against laws or bills that will make America greater. If you supported a guy that lied to get us into a war and right before he left office gave a ton of money to the wealthy, then you should support a guy that is trying to give the country health care. Unless you really think that you are better than most Americans and deserve better.

I watch Glenn Beck (fox news is actually the channel I watch the most when it comes to the news and I don’t watch a lot of news), he is constantly jumping out from behind his chalk board and yelling “BOO, Obama is going to destroy this country with socialism and eat your children’s souls.” Glenn and his shock jock equals have no faith in this country or its people if they think that we the people would ever let that happen. I know they pretend to be the voice of the oppressed, but who believes these rich guys are looking out for us poor guys? A friend of mind told me that watching his show gives him money for his opinion of hate, his whining, and arguing of semantics to his choir. True, he profits from his image, but I still watch it now and again, I think Glenn is funny in an aggravating kind of way.

ANYWAY, we are a strong nation that has overcome and will overcome anything the world throws at us. If you believe that this is the greatest nation then support it! I am not telling you to trust politicians or quit questioning our government, just don’t spend you time fighting to stop good things like heath care, think of some better ways to fix the idea that is now out there. I say we put our tea bags in some hot water, sit down, and have some tea.

Rant Over

And now Owen and his gorgeous mother.

Horrible family pictures


Lindsay said...

first off.. about your opinions... GO SHAWN!!! secondly.. your wife is HOT. oh.. and i heart Owen. there i said it!

Laura said...

Shawn, why all the bitterness towards doctors? Those comments hit really close to home- do you know any doctors personally? Do you have any idea how much of a toll medical school and residency takes on families? Do you even know how much money family practice doctors make? It's not enough to call them filthy rich so I suggest you stop roping every doctor into the category of money-lusting greedy bastards and start looking at the MAJORITY of doctors for who they really are. Come on. Oh, and those crack whore's children do get medical care. Jared just treated one at the hospital the other day- RSV. All covered on medicaid. Jared treated that child with love and compassion. I hope you will show more respect towards to profession. And please don't call me a hater because of my words. I am standing up for my beliefs and opinions and hold no ill will towards you and my beautiful cousin and your family. Just sharing my thoughts. Hope you guys are doing well.

Shawners said...

Laura I have no bitterness towards doctors. This post is about the hypocrisies of conservatives. How they stood behind Bush no matter what he did to screw over our country. And now they are fighting tooth and nail to stop something like health care for all (you know, so we can all be treated as good as your husband treated that crack whores baby) just because their party isn't in office.

I am not attacking doctors at all. I never said they are all bad, just the greedy ones.

It's just a lot of people have been saying that people won't go into medicine because they won't make enough money. And I was saying good to that, we don't need doctors that love money more then people. I don't think someone should become a doctor to make money they should be a doctor to help people. Most doctors do it for the love of the profession (like I am sure your husband does).

Doctors, firefighters, city workers, teachers, etc are the glue of this country and deserve the very best respect from us. I am sorry if this post came off to you as an attack on doctors. It was meant as an attack to people who hold money above humans.

Whitney said...

Ha - Shawn I admire your ability to say what you're thinking. I'm too worried about offending and isolating people to post controversial stuff online. So go you for being brave!

Linds - you look awesome in red lipstick! It makes me want to try it! I bought some a few months ago and haven't even opened it yet! Maybe this weekend.

Love ya both!

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